Wednesday, 11 April 2018

2018 - 11th April - Out with cracks on Marston Trussell

I was honoured to be invited to Marston Trussell today to fish with some of the lads who have been doing well for the last 30 plus years , and more ! Tommy Boyce got me a place on this match organised by Steve 'Viagra' Warner . Many other familiar faces there including Derrick Reaney , just the 10 of us today as the weather was very dismal and dank and as we suffer this elongated cold winter / spring . Everywhere was boggy due to excessive rain and to compound it , it was cold with an East wind.

Gathering of the few on this awful city damp day

Deryck Reaney ...... Legend !

Tommy Boyce ....... another legend and member of MAS and National team

Steve the 'Viagra' Warner reading out todays selected pegs

Pensive wait for that good draw !

The £1-00's were exchanged ready for those personal bets

My peg 9 jumped out at me

Not bad position with decent depth of 4' at 5 - 11m

Christened the new OCTBOX bag with new roller

Best rig of the day , 0.6gr SENSAS Serge 0.12/0.08 SENSAS Comp line to SENSAS 3405 22 Hook
Tipped the bristle with black sleeve that just held on the surface with a small tip showing - could see very shy bites easily .

Back up rigs of SENSAS Jean Francois 18 0.8gr 0.12/0.08 3405 20's
and SENSAS Abbieville 0.8 0.12/0.10 3405 18's

Match started with 5 balls of SENSAS MAGIC with Dead Reds and a few pinkies at 11m , then 2 small balls at Top 4 / top 5 .

First 30 minutes had 6 pairs of eyes as slow start
Next few hours continued to get very shy bites and small pairs of eyes just playing with the bait so sometimes used half a pinkie .
Last hour was productive with better little Roach lumps on the maggot.

Lost a decent fish after 2 hours , could have been a bream  or Perch  , needed the bonus fo a win

Ended up 3rd with 2-12 (100 fish) , 2nd was 2-15 and 1st was 3-12 (with bonus 2-00 bream).
Either side of me was 2-10 (Tommy ) and 2-8 , so very close however on the day of catching small fish an ounce is a large difference .

Sunday, 25 March 2018

2018 - 25th March ,Trosa , East coast Sweden , Bagging !?

Great friend Jimmy Kungsman invited me to a fishing day at the famous Bagging town of Trosa . Last year he fished the canal section and took a great catch of fish , could it be the same today ?

Another great friend is Percy Bistram , stalwart of the Trosa SFK who arranged the days fishing by gaining the necessary paperwork .


I was loaned a tackle box and equipment from Johan Axelsson - Johan could not attend as he was quite ill like all the Swedish Ice-fishing team and many other countrys teams in their recent attendance at the World Ice fishing championships in Kazakstan - get well my friend.

On the day also met up with Johan Kidlund and his father who also fished for Sweden in the ICE WC .

 Jimmy and i started in the middle of the canal section where we expect to catch Bjorkna and big roach . Percy had brought a feeder rod with him and went into the town trying various areas for us to follow later . It did not look too promising as a very long cold winter and just recent melting of the ice and snow had led to a very cold temperature in the water plus a very low level in the sea , it did not look good !


After a couple of hours of intense fishing we decided to move into the town as Percy had comeback with the promise of activity !?  :)

Next position was opposite the famous Bohmans Hotel and incredible place to stay and eat , highly recommended .

Plenty of pole features to fish too.

Jimmy changed to the 7m whip 

Then excitement ! , a quick down movement of the float and i struck into it .

Soon it was brought to the surface .......not quite what i was looking to catch    :(

After an hour we decided to pack up and return home , just time for the catch photo  .........

The Catch photo ............

Well ! , you cant have it all as obviously the fish were not in the system yet . We spoke about returning in three weeks and definitely there will be some serious bagging returns .

Thanks for the day Jimmy , Percy , Johan and Johan .

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Exner floats i am sole distributor for in the UK and i have been associated with Attila for several years and in that time i have enjoyed his floats as they have never let me or my customers down.

Their Flat floats , in particular the Blade and the Butterfly have been used in major competitions including International , World Champs and Nationals , Winter and Summer Leagues. That is the extent to which clubs and teams and top anglers i have sold to .

The floats are as small as 0.5g which are favoured on shallow canals in the UK to the larger 35gram in the Butterfly and 15gram in the Blade. Shotting of these floats is a personal choice as some use fixed shot , Olivettes or the use of globes like the 'Magic Globes' another Exner product.

Since 2011 till now i have sold 728 pieces and recently ordered stock for the year ., such is the popularity of these floats . The only reason sales got low last year was the rivers are low however match anglers in the UK use them constantly for their Perch fishing.

I sell Sensas and Cralusso flat floats also but my main sellers are the EXNER range .

............ another order going out

Used on the Guden , Denmark (with Cralussos )

x 2 Butterflys in action

The very best in weights for those 'heavier days'

Weight till you use them     :)

The boss and good friend of Exner floats , Attil Nagy
(makes a lot of the floats you buy in the shops !? )

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 - Wigston AC canal for Mick Holohan Memorial match - 43 attended

The weather was dam cold and the majority of the canal was frozen over. All the sections were used including the prolific Kilby Bridge length. I drew awful on peg31 , same peg as last year and same result expected but hey , thats fishing !

I sat for 5 hours for a single wasp (Perch) , section was won with 8 wasps for 2oz ! Other sections were won with similar however Kilby produced a 22lb weight for Tommy Boyce and good back up weights in that area.

Ice ,ice Baby !

4 rigs ...... you never know ?

Back at the Manor restaurant pub and the thawing out began in earnest.

 Tommy presented with the trophy by Wigston top-bloke Adam Nurse

Tuesday, 26 December 2017


EXNER produce great floats and Midlands Angling Supplies have produced floats with great anglers like MIDDY backed Joe Oakes and SHIMANO backed Peter Jayes both from the Wigston AC church.  Recently SHAKESPEARE backed Sam Merry also from Wigston AC has created his pole floats with us and are now available . Sam as you know finished in 2nd place in the River Fest final.